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Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.     Psalm 46:10

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The athletic program at Immanuel is designed to encourage our children to compete with others in a Christian manner. We feel that competitive athletics also develop sport-specific skills, exercises, builds character, strengthens bodies, and promotes good sportsmanship while learning important life-skills like teamwork, positive attitude, good work ethics, effort, communication, dedication and commitment.

In order to provide students with a complete, well-rounded program, Immanuel Lutheran School believes that athletics are an important tool in teaching the children to make use of their God-given talents and skills. Considering time, facilities, and coaches, we strive to provide the opportunity for as many students as possible, within our guidelines, to pursue athletic activities. Full utilization and development of God-given talents and a positive Christian attitude remain the motivation for our athletic program.

The athletic program builds on the base of the physical education curriculum of the school. It supplements the PE curriculum by providing additional, competitive, physical activities for students in grades four through eight who choose to, and are eligible to participate.

Objectives of the Interscholastic Athletic Program

Our goals are:

1) To develop and maintain the highest level of Christian sportsmanship.

2) To develop proper attitudes toward winning and losing, success and failure.

3) To encourage and develop respect for fellow athletes whether they are teammates, members of other Immanuel teams, or members of opposing teams.

4) To assure the amount of time required for athletic participation does not interfere with academic success.

5) To develop proper attitudes toward individual health habits, appearance on and off the field, and citizenship in and out of school.

6) To encourage competition not only for the tangible rewards but also for the development of positive attitudes that makes athletic competition valuable and worthwhile.

7) To orient all participants and fans to abide by the rules, regulations, and officials’ decisions that govern each sport.

8) To maintain the highest standard of ethics, recognize each participant as an individual who will conduct him/herself in a manner befitting his/her responsibilities, and develop the kind of rapport with the broader school community that will improve the total educational program.

Basketball Program

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