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Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.     Psalm 46:10

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Spanish Language Outreach - November 2017

After radio and print ads were begun Immanuel offered three Spanish language services in September and October. No Spanish speakers attended. I was disappointed, but not discouraged. Several members and friends of Immanuel volunteered to assist in the worship service and promote the services. There is a desire to regroup and move forward with Spanish language outreach in other ways. We have new printed business cards (in Spanish) welcoming Spanish speakers to Immanuel (Emanuel) that we can distribute as we meet Spanish speakers. The following are things we learned and ideas for the near future:

  • Make more contacts with Spanish speakers.
  • Consider a one time Spanish service on Easter or Christmas or a special Hispanic event.
  • Consider hosting an (ESL) English as Second Language class at Immanuel.
  • Read and learn from other congregations about their Hispanic outreach.
  • Sunday morning at 11 AM is not the best time for a service in my opinion.
  • Obtain more grants to purchase resources and advertisement.
  • Continue to pray for a mission spirit as we meet Spanish speakers in our area.

Thank you to all who helped with the services and for your joyful heart. More updates will follow as I continue meeting folks.


Pastor Faulkner

Board of Church Administration Report - September 2017

The Board of Church Administration has met twice in the last 2 months. Joy Wirtz and Doug Anding are the newly elected members of the board. Jake Bernarde was elected chair of the board and Jeremiah Jensen was elected secretary of the board. The board has been working on getting the church roof repaired after the recent storms. The church parking lot has been resurfaced and will soon have the cracks filled as well as the manhole repaired. The board also approved the rekeying of all the outside entrances of the church. We will be asking for volunteers to assist the board on the following task forces: Security Cameras, Soundboard, and Trunk or Treat.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeremiah Jensen, Secretary

Budget Update - July 2017

The budget was approved at the Voter’s Assembly on June 21st at 7:00 pm. I will try to address some of the questions that were raised at the meeting. The first question concerned our deficit? After having an approximate budget surplus of $21,000.00 for fiscal year 2016/2017, our deficit will be reduced to approximately $39,000.00. Another question was if we still participated in Go Missions!? We do and we send $1,000 a month to 4 missionaries and support 3 children in the Compassion Children mission. The total of these missions annually is $15,000.00. If you have any other questions about our finances please call me at the office (715-384-5121) and I will try to answer them.

Harlow Kibbel, Business Manager

Elected Board Members

John Beck—President

Brian Mortvedt—Vice President


Board of Education:

  • Theresa Backaus
  • Rachelle Meyer
  • Wayne Coblentz
  • Jen Hafermann
  • Kimberly Bernarde

Board of Elders:

  • Steve Steingraber
  • Len Kleinschmidt
  • Dave Henning
  • Randy McLellan
  • David Ruhbusch

Board of Administration:

  • Jake Bernarde
  • Kurt Hollatz
  • Joy Wirtz
  • Doug Anding
  • J.J. Jensen

Report on Immanuel's Care Giving in 2017

Dearly Beloved:

Thanks to God, with your prayers and compassion, the care ministry of Immanuel is thriving. Along with Pastor Faulkner and myself, God has raised up nine other men to call upon those in need of receiving the love of Jesus in their lives with His Words and through Holy Communion. We did not reach the goal of making 1200 contacts during 2017, but we made 1,062. We started the year with 69 souls listed as care receivers, and 54 of them being persons needing a monthly personal visit . By the end of the year, these numbers changed to 64 and 48.

Also, like it happened in the year 2016, fourteen of the souls on our care receiver list were removed due to their deaths. Thus, we start the year 2018 with 64 on our list and 48 needing the care of Jesus with personal visits from us.

Please keep on with your prayers and compassion for those giving this care and those receiving it. And, if you are aware of someone that might need this care, do ask their permission to be contacted, and then give Heidi their name, address and phone number so she can tell me. Oh, yes, our goal for 2018 is 1,200 contacts.

Thanks be to God for Jesus and His loving care for each one of us every day.

+Pastor Donn Radde, Care Ministry Director

Voter's Assembly Notes - July 2017

At the June 21st Voter’s Assembly, Kimberly Bernarde and Theresa Backaus were elected to the Board of Education. Kimberly will resign as Secretary and that position will be appointed for one year.

Dave Henning, Randy McLellan, and Steven Steingraber were elected to serve on the Board of Elders.

Joy Wirtz and Doug Anding were elected to the Board of Administration.

A Note About the Church Lighting Project - June 2017

Thank your to the congregation for the financial and verbal support of the church lighting project. The church proper has been converted to LED lights, which are much more cost effective to operate and improves overall lighting.

The parking lot lights also need to be converted to LED lighting as a safety and a financial concern. Currently only ½ of the parking lot lights are operational at this time. The total cost to convert the parking lot to LED lighting is approximately $8,241. By applying the savings from the church lighting project, a balance of approximately $3,437 is needed to complete the parking lot project.

Any contributions to this project, above normal giving, will be greatly appreciated. Any additional funds would go toward future church and/or school LED conversions.

If you have any questions please contact office manager Harlow Kibbel or Stan Hein.

Accreditation Committee Help Needed - June 2017

We are in the process of reaccrediting the school and need your help. We have need of people to be on short-term sub-committees to work on sections of the accreditation document.

There are seven sections to the document, and we need small groups to work o them. The sections are: School Purpose, School Relationships (School and Congregation, School and Community, and School Climate), School Leadership (Governance and Administrations), Professional Personnel, Teaching and Learning, Student Services, and Facilities.

Each section has a set of standards that the sub-committee uses to evaluate the school. Each standard has a score of 4 (Highly Functional), 3 (Operational), 2 (Emerging), and 1 (Not Evident). After the committee decides on what score to assign, evidence is then provided to back up the scores. When a sub-committee's section is completed, its work is done. The average section has between 15-20 standards.

Please let me know if you would be interested in serving on an accreditation sub-committee. Your help would be very valuable in getting our school ready for the accreditation site visit in the spring.

Thanking you in advance.

Dr. Karen Bahn, Principal

The Board of Administration - May 2017

At its last meeting, decided to add a flat screen television with Smart technology, or the ability to connect to the internet, to the conference room. It will be used for Bible studies and presentations. This television will be portable to be used in various locations throughout the building. This will be purchased with special donations by the congregation. If you would like to contribute to this project, please mark your donation “TV”. When we are able to afford to make the purchase, we will move ahead. Thank you for your support.