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Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.     Psalm 46:10

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President's Message - April 2017

Happy Spring, everyone! We made it past another Winter; warm weather is just around the corner.

Also just around the corner is a special Voters' Assembly on Sunday, April 2nd, at 1:00pm. What makes this Voters' Assembly so special is that the agenda, approved by the Review Committee, contains one item of business – the calling of a new Pastor! One o'clock was chosen because that is the earliest Pastor Schalow, our circuit counselor, is able to be in Marshfield on a Sunday.

The Call Committee has been working very diligently to move the call process along as quickly as possible. The original 15 candidates submitted by the District President to the Call Committee was reduced to 5 candidates, based on the biographies that were forwarded to the Committee. The Committee looked at the background of the candidates and how well their background matched Immanuel's background. Each of the 5 finalists were contacted by the Call Committee for a phone interview and one candidate was deleted from the original finalists. A synopsis of the four remaining candidates is available in the Narthex. All four finalists will be on the ballot. The candidate with the highest tally will be issued a call by the Committee. The Committee will request a response from the chosen candidate by the end of April. Lord willing, we will have our new full time shepherd soon.

It is very important that you plan to attend the Voters' Assembly so that you can have a say in who is chosen. Please encourage your fellow members to attend this important meeting as everyone's vote matters.

The Annual Voters' Assembly is just three months off. Already, activities are in progress for that meeting. The Business Office is laying the groundwork for next year's Work Plan. Soon the Church Administration Board will be working on the details of the Work Plan for presentation to the annual meeting.

The Review Committee is putting together a Nominations Committee to find candidates for the election which is also planned for the Annual Voters' Assembly in June. There are two openings for each board, plus the Vice-President.

If you wish to nominate someone, please get their approval before submitting their nomination to the Nominations Committee. If asked to be a candidate, please give serious consideration to the request, as Immanuel Church, School & Child Care Center cannot function without participation from it's members on boards.

See you the 2nd of April!

John Beck

A Note from Your Board of Education - April 2017

Three major categories have been our focus this past quarter: marketing, policy work, and accreditation. In the area of marketing, a PowerPoint was created to present at area congregations. The marketing committee had an open house on Monday, March 13th along with Kindergarten Literacy Night led by Lindsay Meyer and Renee Griepentrog. Dr. Bahn and her staff have been continuing to work on the accreditation process. Part of that process is to update our school policy handbook which is near completion. We have one section to finish before we format the document with finishing touches. Our next meeting is Monday, April 17th @ 6:00pm. All are welcome to attend!

**Mark your calendar: Spaghetti Dinner, Race For Education, May 11, 2017**

Narthex Committee - February 2017

In our recent meeting in December, following the survey and survey results, we met to discuss the next steps for the narthex usage. Survey results can be found in the office with a copy of our meeting minutes. This meeting focused on the use and purpose of the library and additional shelves. From the survey voters were happy with us moving the library but additional comments suggested to the possibility of the library become invisible if moved to a different room. As a group we decided to keep the main library shelves where they are but look into reducing the outdated books and consolidating the shelf space. Our hope is that the additional small shelves can be removed and their contents can be housed on the main shelves or on a future Welcome Desk. The books that are weeded out could be sold at our Rummage Sale, or donated to local thrift stores or senior apartments.

A new survey will be created for our members to use their voice concerning the library, usage and importance.

The Women’s Guild cards have been moved to the office. Please pass the word that we are a great source for Christian greeting cards for all occasions. Many people have used them and have received good reviews. Men’s themes are also available.

The Narthex Committee will develop floor plans for the congregation to see our vision and present these with photos of what other churches have done to create a welcome and information desk. We are currently looking for ways to keep our spending to a minimum. If any of you have skills in or contacts in the carpentry and construction trades we would like to know. We would like this person to build a welcome desk. There will be new signage in the future but it was recommended that we place a sign above the hallway to the school. “Welcome to Immanuel Lutheran School” would be displayed to bring attention to our great asset.

Future plans for the Narthex have been discussed. Entry doors that let in more light, way-finding signage to assist new visitors, and updated lighting to create a brighter room.

Thank you for your interest in our vision.

In service to Immanuel,

Brian Mortvedt and the Narthex Committee

(Barb Beck, Rachelle Meyer, Dennis Wibben, Corey Kuhnau)

Board of Elders - November 2016 - January 2017

The Board of Elders had one regular meeting and several pastoral call committee meetings. The Congregational Needs Survey results were submitted to District to aid their candidate selection process. The resulting call documents for our twelve candidates were available for viewing at Church, and member observation of our call process was allowed. The candidate field was then narrowed to our top five choices.

Times and worship leaders for the Christmas season services were approved. Pr. Faulkner is teaching religion to our 7-8th graders and doing Confirmation for the public school students. He is also teaching Bible Classes, participating in School activities, and leading Chapel. The Board recommended to the Narthex Committee that no changes be made to current fellowship practices. The Simple Truth youth band was approved to occasionally perform the offering song during Sunday services when approved by the Pastoral officiant.

Elected Board Members

John Beck—President

Brian Mortvedt—Vice President

Kim Bernarde—Secretary

Board of Education:

  • Rachelle Meyer
  • Wayne Coblentz
  • Jen Hafermann
  • Theresa Backaus
  • Carol Anderson

Board of Elders:

  • Rich Abel
  • Len Kleinschmidt
  • Dave Henning
  • Randy McLellan
  • David Ruhbusch

Board of Administration:

  • Barb Coblentz
  • Kurt Hollatz
  • Jake Bernarde
  • Glen Buth
  • J.J. Jensen